Competition Objectives

Assuming that a detection system as described above is already in place, participants are to design alarm or early warning systems using electronic kits provided which, upon real-time detection of the presence of crocodiles, can send electronic signals to a separate module for raising the alarm among villagers.

In designing the system, it is to be assumed that (a) there is no public Internet service in area, (b) villagers are likely to continue carrying out their normal activities on the river; (c) the distance between the village and river could be up to 4 kilometres; and (d) the village has a population of about 50 people.

Figure 2: Layout of village


Objective of the competition is to encourage critical thinking through a real life design case study: A crocodile warning system. Consist of 2 part: 1) Arduino programming (20% of the total marks )  2) design part (80% of the total marks)

Arduino programming

Design Scenario : A camera could be set up to trigger a camera capture with movements in the river or periodically. The computer processes the image to determine if there is a presence of crocodile in the river. If there is a crocodile, the processor sends an analogue signal as below:

0 volt – no detection
1 volt – 1 time detected
2 volts – 2 times detected
3 volts – 3 times detected
4 volts – 4 times detected
5 volts – 5 times and above

All the signals are subjected to 0.2 v error signal.

The goal is to interpret the signal and to use the LED to indicate the number of sightings. The input signal will be from the organizer. The LEDs represent the beacon will warn the villagers. You may also use a multicoloured LED if you wish . As long as the signal is correctly interpreted.

A few keyswords to google : Analog signal, digital signal


Crocodile warning system using radio activated beacons

by Wong Wei Kitt, Terence Tan, Garenth Lim, Raymond Chiong (Team SMK Victoria)

Crocodile warning system using radio activated beacons
Crocodile warning system using radio activated beacons

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